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Update: 18:50 Thanks to Pawel here are some more videos of Jack Bender in Israel.

Thanks to our very own Carmel for sending us this.

Lost director answering fan questions, talking about series ending and more. highlights:

* his wife Laura is a rabbi also does looping of the whispers on the show. He confirms some of the whispers contain hidden messages.

* I kinda push him with the production errors till he suspects I'm a script supervisor... we get confirmation that the "woman" behind Sun when meeting Christian is from the crew and not Claire, that Little Ben's bullet location is a mistake BUT the dialog from the Marina (s5ep4) that later is shown from different character perspectives and is written differently - it was done so for a reason!!! read Vozek69's theory on that:

* spoilers: Damon saw the marketplace in Iraq set on the web because of someone who shot it from across the street. they fear of finale being spoiled so they consider shooting it outside Hawaii, maybe in Israel (joke?).

* describes the series ending as thrilling and satisfying.

* season 6 will be focusing on the core world of the series like season 1.

* at the end there's was a weird mic sound like a horn, very smoke-monster like. was funny.

Part 2

Part 2

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