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The man behind Lost's Marvin Candle.

Dr. Marvin Candle, also known as Dr. Mark Wickmund, is a major part of the DHARMA mystery. He has appeared in the creepy DHARMA station orientation videos, but his rank in the organization is unknown. The Tailsection recently interviewed Francois Chau, the actor who plays Dr. Candle. Chau shared behind-the-scenes details about the show, and talked about his upcoming appearance on Lost. Like a good DHARMA member, Chau did not reveal too much dirt, but he did divulge the following information:

Before being cast on Lost, Chau had been been cast by April Webster (the show's casting director) in several other projects
The orientation video scenes were initially filmed in California on the set of Alias. Later scenes were filmed in Hawaii.
Dr. Candle will appear on the island in this season's twentieth episode.
Chau's character has an international following. Most of his fans believe that Dr. Candle is the head of the DHARMA Initiative.
He is friends with Lost actress Yunjin Kim.
The role of Marvin Candle was initially uncredited because of a disagreement over billing, but the producers felt that it added to the character's mystery and continued to omit Chau's name.
Chau was not surprised by the newest developments concerning his character, and hopes that Marvin Candle's story will continue.
The actor has a role in the Jessica Alba film The Eye, which will be released in October.
Keep an eye out for Francois Chau's appearance in the upcoming episode, "The Man Behind the Curtain."
Source: TV SQUAD

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