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LOST star Dominic Monaghan says he was RELIEVED when he discovered that his character was to be killed off.

Brit actor Dominic, who plays rocker Charlie Pace on the hit series, meets his death while heroically attempting to save other islanders.

"My initial feeling was one of relief. And then there was a lot of excitement along with that, and then there's a lot of sadness. I mean, you're leaving things that you love. But my over-riding feeling was one of relief," he told Entertainment Weekly.

The 30-year-old also said fans would be disappointed that his character had been killed off instead of other, less likable characters.

"I think lots of people are gonna be pretty pissed off. Especially as there are others on the show they are more keen on having disappear."

But Dominic, who dates his co-star Evangeline Lilly, wants to focus on the positive, and is hoping to start work on other projects he has already been offered.

He adds: "It's time to move on. There's a whole bunch of opportunities that have been up in the air as I couldn't commit to them because of Lost."

And he says he has no intention of moving on from Evangeline despite leaving for New York to shoot movie I Sell the Dead.

"I don't really talk about my relationship, you know. It's the one thing I'm trying to keep out of the press because as soon as I talk about it, it's all over the place. But she's great fun."

Source: The Sun

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