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26th May 2007
Up-and-coming British actress Marsha Thomason is tired. Tired of her absurdly early wake-up calls on the TV series 'Lost', that is.

"Sometimes you've initially got a 4am call and they call you and they say, 'Listen, we're not picking you up until five' and you're grateful. When 5am is a lie-in, something's wrong!" Marsha exclaims, laughing.

The stylish star, cheerily perched on a brightly-patterned couch in the press suiteof the Haymarket Hotel in London, looks anything but tired.

Her face become serious as she adds, "You know, sometimes when you're in the middle of it, you're just like, 'Oh my goodness, I'm so tired.' But to be honest, I really love what I do. And I know, particularly where I live, there are so many people serving you food and washing your car who would give their right arm to do what I'm doing. So I hear myself complaining and then I have a word because I could be having a lot worse."

source: FemaleFirst.co.uk

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