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After actresses like Eva Longoria, Hilary Swank and Penelope Cruz revealed their alleged secrets of their attractiveness in countless beauty campaigns now Hollywood's men have to follow. For example the British actor Clive Owen promotes Lancome's fragance Hypnose Homme and Cool Water. Men become star appeal.
Josh Holloway, actor of TV show Lost (Monday on Pro7) gives the advertisin ikon a new face and a new body. 'Hot Day, Cool Water' is the theme for the new advertising spot, which was initiated by the well-known fashion photographer and commercials director Michel Comte in April on Hawaii. The story: Like a curtain the heat weigh heavily on a little coastal town. No one moves - expect one man. Like a force of nature he walks down the street. Out of the shadow a woman sticks out her head stretches forward to him and the sun over a balcony railing. In an offhand manner he realizes her admiring glances and while she looks after him her right shoulder trap slides down. Having reached the beach he shades his eyes with his forearm. Really cool what Josh is presenting you would think. Already Cool Water. But the actor appeases 'For me the Cool Water man isn't a man, who tries to be cool, it's a man, who feels confident with his masculinity.'
20 years ago Davidoff revolutionized the world of men's fragrance in advertising space, now the vendor casted a prominent actor for the first time. Francois Mariez, vice president of Davidoff in Europe explains his decision to cast the show star by saying ' Josh Holloway is a strong, authentic, cool personality' and as 'model of masculinity and strong personality he embodies genuine the values of Davidoff Cool Water.' For the 37 years old actor, who promotes the label outside of North America, the model job isn't really new. He already did former modeling jobs for different brand advertising.
He is well-known acting the obscure character James 'Sawyer' Ford in Lost, for what he had to recall his southern slang, which he first had to train off hard.
In the spot for Davidoff he doesn't need to talk, only to walk, to sweat and to look.
This is traditional, but not only with the look of the commercial the traditional line is continued 'I like the color palette of the product and how the blue of the ocean takes directly over the fresh and enlivening feeling, which characterized the fragrance' says the director Michel Comte on set.

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