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In her new movie, Cynthia Watros ignored the old Hollywood adage about not working with children and animals because they steal the scene.

The 38-year-old former "Lost" actress plays a barmaid and former prostitute carving out a hardscrabble life for herself and her young daughter in "Avenging Angel," airing Saturday on the Hallmark Channel.

"Superstition be damned," Watros said about her co-stars. "I've got horses and chickens and children on set. I've got explosions, bar fights, town riots and buildings burning down. And I love every moment of it!"

The cable movie is Watros' first Western.

"The corset took some getting used to," she said. "I'll say this, though, if you have any sort of posture problem, you just need to wear a corset for a few weeks. How can you slouch in a corset? People probably didn't realize I was this tall."

Watros, who played Libby on the hit ABC series, co-stars with Kevin Sorbo of "Hercules" fame.

Source: AP

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