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Loewy created an integrated campaign to promote Fujitsu Services and EMC’s data back-up, archiving and recovery service taking inspiration from award-winning American TV Drama ‘Lost’.

The first component, a direct mailer, features a DVD box with a cover carrying the ‘Lost’ name with the headline: ‘Don’t let data loss leave your business stranded.’ There are ‘quotes’ and a ‘plot’ explaining the Fujitsu Services and EMC solution on the back sleeve of the DVD case making the pack look more authentic and engaging. A 4-page mailer inside provides information on the business context and the capability of the two partners.

As a twist, the ‘DVD’ is missing and instead a card directs recipients to a landing page, designed by Loewy, where they can claim a free DVD of the hit drama and also register to attend an expert VIP roundtable event at Gordon Ramsay’s aptly-named ‘Maze’ restaurant . These events will be hosted by experts from Fujitsu Services and EMC and will tackle the ever increasing challenges in data back-up and recovery.

The pack will be mailed in stages from early October to a targeted database of 1,400 storage managers, email managers, IT directors and managers across 350 enterprise organisations in the UK operating in the utilities, financial services, retail and telco sectors.

A follow up HTML email incorporating the ‘Lost’ theme repeats the business benefits of the service and encourages those who have yet to register for the ‘Lost’ DVD or the VIP roundtable to visit the landing page, or to call Fujitsu Services direct to speak to an expert.

The campaign has several objectives: to generate leads, build brand awareness, promote the Fujitsu Services and EMC partnership, and capture valuable marketing information from target organisations during the telemarketing phase.

“We are confident that the ‘Lost’ concept will stick in people’s minds and achieve real cut-through,” says Chris Wilson, head of B2B, Loewy. “The easily recognisable imagery of ‘Lost’ and the physicality of the DVD case design create impact, intrigue and engagement among recipients. It’s a fantastic talking point and will certainly work to generate appointments with key prospects in our target sectors.

Alasdair Gray, of Fujitsu Services, one of Europe’s leading IT services companies, says: “Loewy has created a standout campaign that highlights why our service should be an essential consideration for any company, but in a witty and entertaining way that tells our story direct to the IT specialists we want to target.”

Source: CreativeMatch

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