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Given up on Lost? Regretting it, now that the writers' strike is on, and now that the season 4 premiere on Jan. 31 is just around the corner? Missing Sawyer (Josh Holloway, pictured)? Then head over to abc.com and click "Catch up on Lost" to watch a video that recaps the entire series (à la the seven-minute Sopranos) in eight minutes and 15 seconds. (Get it? 8:15?) I haven't watched the show in... a while, and I found the narration easy to follow and surprisingly entertaining. Sample: "They see Jack play football with Mr. Friendly. Mr. Friendly throws like a girl."

Two questions: Do you think someone who's never seen the show would be able to keep up? (If such a person is reading this, try it and report back.) And do you Doc Jensen-types endorse the recap, or has a vital piece of info gone missing?

Source: ew.com

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