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Lost star Josh Holloway has heaped praise upon the latest series of the show, while acknowledging the adverse effects caused by the writers' strike.

Holloway, who plays Sawyer in the mysterious drama, told skymag: "I love season four! I think it's one of the best yet because they've added the new dimension of flashforward. And the story is really moving forward. I think now they have an end date for the series, the writers are really focused on the story."

The actor also added that the recent writers' strike did spoil the original plans for the season, which has been considerably shortened as a result. "It's definitely been a problem," stated Holloway. "These eight episodes were originally only part of the fourth season. That's all we'd filmed before the strike, so it's like starting a good book, getting into it, and then having it ripped out of your hands!"

Source: Digital Spy

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