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This weekend Jay and Jack of The Lost Podcast did a marathon 25 hour charity podcast for Autism Speaks. In addition to having Lost star Jorge Garcia join the show for 3 hours, the following 6 hour "preview" of the 25 hour podcast includes discussions with Lost podcasters Josh, of The Lost Flashbacks Podcast, Curt Yanko, of The Black Rock Podcast, Josh Long, of the Joshmeister Podcast and Cliff Ravenscraft, of the GSPN Lost Podcast.

Listen as Jorge, Jay and Jack work through their lists of dozens of beloved film characters to create a Top-10 list of the coolest/toughest protagonists in film, all while raising money for charity. They are also still collecting donations to send to Autism Speaks.

Listen here: 25 Hour Podcast LIVE! - 6 Hour Preview (Jorge Garcia can be heard through the first 3 hours.)

Hey everybody,

Well we did our 25 hour podcast to raise money and awareness Autism Speak. We had a great time, and we want to give a big thanks to all those that participated. We also want to thank three that didn’t get to participate do to TalkShoe’s problems. The MetroBuzz with John NORTON! and Colleen, and Daniel Dae Kim. Hopefully we can make that up to them and you guys for missing out.

We got over $2,500 in electronic donations during the 25 hours and we are still getting donations in. If you missed out on the marathon and how to donate, the paypal account is at lpdonate@gmail.com.

The normal Monday podcast is going to be delayed until tomorrow night. In the meantime i figured I would post a 6 hour excerpt from our 25 hour podcast. Featuring Jorge Garcia, Curt Yanko from The Black Rock Podcast and Josh Long from Joshmiester’s Lost Podcast.

25 Hour Podcast LIVE! 6 Hour Sample.m4a

Source: Jay & Jack of The Lost Podcast

The clip they have linked to is unedited. They are going to soon be setting up a feed to release the entire podcast on so watch Jay and Jack's website.

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