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A new national study by Spike TV and TVGuide.com reveals, among other things, why fellas put up with those Dancing stars, the Housewife they're desperate to hook up with, and the CSI most likely to catch their eye. Specifically, the poll of 800 men ages 18 to 49 (conducted by Latitude Research) found that:

• 44 percent of men watch Dancing with the Stars for (are you sitting down?) the hot female dancers.

• Gaby is the hottest Desperate Housewife — and by a large margin, netting 56 percent of the vote to second-placer Susan's 12 percent.

• The crime scene investiagtor they'd most welcome an office romance with is Miami's Calleigh (37 percent), though CSI's Catherine is a very close second with 34 percent. NY's Stella drew a respectable 27 percent of the vote.

53 percent of the respondents would brave Lost's wacky island just to be stranded with Kate. Similarly, 44 percent would get sick on purpose if it meant getting checked out by Grey's Anatomy's Izzie.

But it's not all about da sexy women, folks. The survey also revealed:

• The Heroes power men most covet is Hiro's ability to time-travel (35 percent). Matt's knack for hearing thoughts is wanted by 21 percent, while only 15 percent of fellas ache to fly like Nathan.

• Prison Break's Michael is smart and tough, but 24's Jack Bauer (by a 67 to 33 percent vote) is the one whose bad side men most want to avoid.

Lastly, something to make the ladies go, "Awww." A full 75 percent of men say that spending quality time with their honey plays an "important" role in choosing what TV to watch, while 42 percent go so far as to say it plays a "very important" role. Just don't wig out when your guy mutters, "Let's tango, Julianne" in his sleep.
Source: tv.guide

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