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Note: Includes a brief description of the April 14th episode (#10) of Bones. M.C. Gainey plays "Tom" on Lost.

When a young couple decides to go skinny-dipping in a hot spring, their spontaneity is ruined when they find the remains of a skeleton in the mud. Brennan and Booth soon discover the skeleton is that of Tripp Goddard, a professional motorcycle racer who just won the Super Grand Prix. The team immediately suspects Danny Fitz, the runner-up in the race and Tripp’s main rival, to be the murderer. But just when Brennan and Booth think they have it solved, a fiery motorcycle crash claims another victim, and the circumstances seem far from accidental. Meanwhile, Dr. Lance Sweets forces Brennan and Booth to join him on a double-date in an effort to encourage them to interact in a social setting, away from any of their cases.

Guest Cast: Chris William Martin as Garth Jodrey; Abigail Spencer as Phillipa Fitz; Wings Hauser as Lenny Fitz; M.C. Gainey as Braxton Smalls; Channon Roe as Danny Fitz; Andrew Lawrence as Tim; Alicia Ziegler as Chandler; Christopher May as Park Ranger; John Edward Lee as Tripp Goddard; Burnadean Jones as FBI Forensic Tech; Darlena Tejeiro as FBI Motor Tech Opal Warneke; Senta Moses as April Presa.
Source: Confessions of a T.V. Junkie

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