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Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet on Lost) is lending her voice to a program about poetry on HBO Family.

Poetry + television have a powerful chemistry, as we are reminded every April when the public media turn their attention especially to poets and poems. Here are a few of the poetry/tv alloys making their way into the world this National Poetry Month:

The Poetry Foundation and HBO have collaborated on Classical Baby: The Poetry Show, a 23-minute video introduction to poetry for kids “through animation and song. Featuring the voices of performers Andy Garcia, John Lithgow, Elizabeth Mitchell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Susan Sarandon, and Jeffrey Wright, and poets Langston Hughes, Gertrude Stein, and William Carlos Williams... short segments presenting well-known poems—and some surprises... Between each segment, children—ranging in age from 4 to 9—offer commentary and muse on the meaning and mystery of poetry....” Now available on DVD, or if you have HBO at home, check the schedule of showings on HBO Family.
Source: About.com:Poetry

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