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Thanks to Sarah for the heads up on the update from Jorge.

The schedule currently has me doing panel both Saturday and Sunday. I just got an update on my itinerary. I will only be doing the panel on Saturday.
So if you are coming to hear panel, then Saturday is the day to come. See you there.

Source: Jorge Garcia

Thanks to The ODI for the following.

"Young Boba Fett from AotC, Daniel Logan, will be a guest of Super-Con as well as Darth Vader actor and Star Wars effects artist C. Andrew Nelson. Clone Wars & Justic Leaguie animated series director David Bullock and SW comic artist Travus Charest will aslo be guests of the show.

In addition, Super-Con will be hosting the creater and original host of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Joel Hodgson ("Joel Robinson") and fellow MST3K castmates Trace Beaulieu (the original "Crow T. Robot"), J. Elvis Weinstein (the original "Tom Servo"), and Frank Conniff ("TV's Frank") who will be promoting their latest project, Cinematic Tintanic which had its debut at Industrial Light & Magic back in December. The cool part is that the convention's MST3K/CT panel will be moderated by C. Andrew Nelson! I've never been to a show where a celebrity guest from one franchise/show interviews celebritry guests from another franchise/show. It should be a real treat. And on Sunday, Richard Kiel ("Jaws" from the James Bond films) will be joining them. Four of Richard's films riffed on in episode of MST3K.

Other guests include Jorge Garcia ("Hurley" from Lost), Henry Thomas ("Elliot" from E.T.), and Wil Wheaton ("Wesley Crusher" from Star Trek).

Super-Con is being held May 17 & 18 at the San Jose Convention Center."

Source: Super-Con

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