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“I want to believe in magic”

Terry O’Quinn likes his character Locke in Lost. But if he had the opportunity to play someone else he would choose to play island hunk Sawyer. Continue reading to find out what Terry O’Quinn had to say:

Niklas W: Tell about the next season!
Terry O´Quinn: All I know about Lost is what you know about Lost if you´ve seen four seasons. We start shooting in August for season five and I have no idea how it begins.

Linda v Emil: wow, i got a big chock on the last episode ! did´nt thought that you was going to die . well, here´s my question : was it of age you died, or are we gonna find out how and why you died next season? Love the serie by the way ! xoxo
Terry O´Quinn: I don´t know why Jeremy Bentham died. Or why he´s called Jeremy Bentham... I hope we find out soon. But I can´t promise we´ll find out next season. Sayid said he committed suicide?

Johan: Have you ever considered leaving the show?
Terry O´Quinn: One word: NO.

Sten: Hey Terry! Can you see yourself in any of John Lockes charateristics?
Terry O´Quinn: Yes. Self doubt, impatience - those are the two biggest. And spirituality. I want to believe in magic.

Gabbe: Hello Terry! Must say i love the show, and if i knowed you where in stockholm i would dream to just say Hello. I wonder what are you going to do after the show has ended? Do you want to play in the show for more years? THANKS!!! GO LOST!
Terry O´Quinn: I want to do the show for as long as I can. Next summer I hope to e making a film in Ireland that was written my brother, Thomas.

Mårten: I guess there´s a hole lot of spare time when your trapped on an island or in a television production. Do you know any fun games to make time pass quicker?
Terry O´Quinn: None I can admit to.

Papageno: I take it, mr Lindelof is somewhat secretive... how far does this go? How long before the actual shooting do you get your episode script? Do you get the entire script or just an excerpt for the current shooting?
Terry O´Quinn: We usually get the entire script, unless there is something very secret. Anywhere from two weeks to one day before.

Björn: Who is your favourite character in LOST? Why?
Terry O´Quinn: Locke, of course. Because he´s very complicated. If I had to play another role, I´d play Sawyer, then Hurley.

Dennis: Wow, this is my biggest dream, to chat with a Lost star :D i got millions of questions to you Terry :), but im just going to ask you two questions. I am a very huge fan of Lost, I’ve been watching it since the very first episode and I will always do:). You know the hatch door, the door that you (Locke), Hurley, Kate and Jack blows up, is that hatch door really buried or is it just recorded in a studio? And what do you think of Lost the video game? Millions of people that must be writing to you, so you don’t need to answer my both questions if you don’t have time. And it is great that you are still alive in Lost, because i cried when i saw John Lock dead, there is no Lost without you. Best regards/ Dennis.
Terry O´Quinn: The hatch door was in the jungle, the interior of the hatch was filmed in a studio.

Frida: Hello! What have been the funniest thing in all seasons to shoot?
Terry O´Quinn: Not a lot of laughs in our show. But working with Hurley and Ben looking for the cabin was surpirsingly funny. Jorge says I wasn´t even in front? We had a fit of laughing, it was very late.

Terry O´Quinn: Sorry we could´nt get to more questions. We´ve been having trouble with the connection. I´m loving Stockholm and we´ll certainly come back. Thanks a lot for watching Lost and remember: John Locke is in the coffin... three years in the future! So hopefully, I´ll be seeing you all in season five. Thanks again! Love, Terry.

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