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Evangeline Lilly says she is "like a man".

The 28-year-old beauty - who has reportedly rekindled her relationship with her former 'Lost' co-star Dominic Monaghan - claims she found fame by accident and has an "unfortunate amount of confidence" when it comes to making career choices.
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She said: "The only reason I was going for auditions when I won the role of Kate in 'Lost' was an exercise in self-exploration.

"But I'm like a man - you know, 'I can do anything.'

"At 14 I thought I might one day be an actress. But by 18 I wanted to be a missionary. Acting as a career was just a blip on the radar."

The star - who is the current face of Davidoff Cool Water Woman perfume - also revealed how angry her 'Lost' co-stars were when they discovered she had no previous acting experience or training.

She added: "They were furious. You could see it written all over their faces. They were thinking, 'I've done all this work to get to this place and here you are with nothing to draw on, standing at the same place as me.' "

Source: Female First

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