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Yup that is right. All of the 19 babies that have played Aaron on LOST reunited for a picnic in Hawaii for a little meet and greet. Most of the babies used are actually girls and only 3 of them were boys in Season 4.

In addition to the picnic, LOST Casting Director Julie Carlson confirmed she is always on the lookout for new Baby Aarons.

Seeing them all togather is just too cute!! So below is the video clip of the news report, followed by the article and if you feel your baby has the stuff to be an Aaron, then look for Carlson's details as well. So send in those pics!!

Some of them can barely walk, but they're already television celebrities. They're the babies who starred in ABC's hit show LOST and they reunited for a special cast party on Saturday.

No speaking was required for these television stars. Just having the right look got them the job.

"Round face, blonde hair, blue eyes, green eyes," LOST extras casting director Julie Carlson said.

There was a picnic gathering for the youngest cast members of the show LOST at Kapiolani Park.

In season four of LOST, 19 babies were cast to play the part of Aaron. Since then, filming has wrapped and the babies are free from work.

"See if we could get all the babies together and I thought it would be a great idea so we did," mom Ann Baker said.

Finding the 19 look-alike babies was not easy for Carlson. On the show, one episode is equivalent to one passing day.

"The babies are my biggest challenge. They all have to look alike," Carlson said.

And it's not all glamour for these kids who still have to perform on cue.

"It's a little stressful as a mom wanting your kid to cry or not cry," mom Kirsten Peterson said.

But the experience of being on LOST is unforgettable.

"She was in a helicopter. She was in a coastguard airplane and she was on a freighter and also on a lifeboat. So, she had quite the experience for such a young baby," Peterson said.

And there's an opportunity for more Aaron's out there with production for season five about to start up.

"It's an ongoing search for me. So I'm always looking. Wherever I am, I look," Carlson said.

The role of Aaron is equal opportunity. Last season, only three boys actually played the part -- the rest were girls.

To have your child considered as future baby Aaron send your pictures to:

Julie Carlson
LOST Casting
510 18th Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96816.

Source: KITV

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