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Our good friends over at Lostzilla.net had an opportunity to interview LOST actor William Mapother who plays the mysterious Other Man Ethan Rom.

After his appearance in season 1 as a spy for the others, Ethan has continued to make appearances throughout the seasons.

Mapother talks about LOST and much more...


How did you like going back to Lost? When did they tell you that you'd be back?

A: I loved going back. Seeing the cast and crew is like going to a reunion -- a lot of hugs and Hello’s. They asked me last August to shoot the episode, but I was doing a stage play, so they shot my scene in October, after the play ended. They were very accommodating to Mr. Ethan.

The castmember you're more fond of? Who do you enjoy working with the most?

A: I like them all. The producers gathered a terrific group of actors, and they’re all very professional and easy to work with. I probably know Matthew Fox the best, because we’ve worked together the most, but I like everyone.

If you could play any other character on the show, which one would it be?

A: Good question. Probably Jack if I felt like being the hero, Locke if I felt like being the prophet, and Ben if I felt like being mysterious!

How did your life change after Lost? Do you get different job offers now? How does one life's change after shooting in Hawaii? What do you do there when you're not shooting?

A: I get recognized more often now, of course. I was hiking in the northern Czech Republic in the woods, and someone complimented me on ‘Lost’ (!). Fortunately, almost all ‘Lost’ fans are very polite and complimentary, so I don’t mind at all. I don’t know that my job offers are different, but I think I get more of them, because so many people in the entertainment industry watch the show. Shooting in Hawaii changes one’s life this way: You now envy those who live there. : ) The show flies me over just to shoot my scenes, so I don’t have a lot of free time, but if I do, I hike or go to the beach or rent a car to see the island’s beauty.

Do you have any theories about the show? Did you watch it before you were a part of it? Your favourite season and episode? Do you watch the show when you're not on it?

A: I have no theories. I’m definitely in the back seat, trusting that the drivers know where they’re going (!). I was offered the part on the morning the show premiered, so I accepted without having seen it. The next morning, when I flew to Hawaii to shoot, the show was already a hit. My favorite season (so far) was probably the first, because that’s when I was on it the most. : ) Yes, I never miss an episode.

What do you think about the fact that your character is appearing more often on Lost now that he's dead?

A: I think the actor who plays him is very fortunate. : ) I think the producers like him or they wouldn’t keep bringing him back, of course. And I have a lot of people ask questions about Ethan -- his history, etc. I think a lot of fan still find him very interesting.

Your character shot Locke... do you think this will have repercussions?

A: My best answer: Only if the writers want it to. With all the time travel going on, they can do almost anything they want. So if it is convenient to them for Locke’s leg to be hurting, then yes, it will have consequences.

Do they tell you stuff about Ethan's background, or you just go with the flow?

A: I asked when I first started shooting, and they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tell me much. I think they were still figuring things out. Most of it I’ve made up for myself, just to make the character real to me. Of course, I get surprises every now and then. For instance, I was surprised to learn Ethan was a surgeon. I suppose I completely forgot I had gone to medical school!

When Ethan was killed off, did you know you were going to be back? Actually, do you know right now if you'll be back this season? How does it feel to have more screentime after your character's death?

A: I did not know I’d be back, but I suspected. But of course back then, so many characters had not yet returned to the show. But if I remember correctly, I think someone hinted to me that I’d be back. I don’t know if I’ll be back. They call me when they need me. I went to catholic schools for sixteen years, so it feels great to be resurrected again and again!

Do you like being a recurring actor, or you'd rather be a regular one?

A: Either is good. Regular actors make a lot more money and get to live in Hawaii, but as a recurring actor, I’m in LA closer to friends and family, and I have been able to play many characters that I could not have. So I would be fortunate either way.

Man of science or man of faith? Jack or Locke?

A: I don’t understand the question. Am I? I’m a man of both, like most people, I think. I believe in science, but there’s so much we still don’t and can’t understand, like how the universe even came about, that of course some faith is required. I’m probably more like Locke than Jack.

Lost has created a whole new way of enjoying TV shows. What do you think about that, about thousands of people downloading the show because they can't wait to see the episode on TV moths later, and about the interactive official websites?

A: I think it’s terrific. It has helped lead the way to the audience getting to see the show however, whenever they want, and as an audience member, I’m the same way. I want it now! Of course, I do have the same concern that many in Hollywood do: If people download content (TV, music, etc) for free off the internet, how do the creators get paid? That question is dominating Hollywood right now.

Be honest: do you understand a single thing about the time travel stuff this season? Because we're confused as hell!

A: I understand some of it, but some of it will definitely require additional viewings. : ) I suspect that the producers might be doing that intentionally, in other words, compressing information to make viewers want to return to it, in order to give the show a longer life than most TV shows.

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