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Josh Holloway
wants 'Lost' to end so he can shave his head.

The long-haired actor - who plays Sawyer in the US TV drama - can't wait for the long-running show to finish because he is desperate to have a mohawk hairstyle.

He said in an interview with Loaded magazine: "Oh my God! I'm looking forward to knowing what the f**k is going on, first of all. I still have no clue what the story is and where we'll end up.

"I may shave my head into a fine mohawk, like a tall one, because one of our camera operators had a beautiful mohawk for the first two years. I've always wanted one."

The 39-year-old hunk - who is expecting his first child with wife Yessica Kumala this summer - recently revealed he attracts a lot of attention from drunk mature ladies when he goes out.

He said: "It's more by older American women. They scream, 'Oh my God!' Then they grab and shake me. They've usually been drinking too many mai tais!"

Source: M&C

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