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Thanks to Alicia for the heads up.

Many great partnerships are forged in unusual places: Would we have airplanes today if not for Orville and Wilbur Wright’s bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio? Would Microsoft exist if Bill Gates and Paul Allen hadn’t met in a prep-school computer club? And would we be watching “Lost,” and looking ahead to the summer reboot of “Star Trek,” if its creators hadn’t first encountered each other at a fateful Bruce Springsteen concert?

In this audio excerpt from a longer conversation with the brain trust behind “Star Trek” (which we’ll have finished wading through and written up by next month), Damon Lindelof, a creator and executive producer of “Lost” and a producer of “Star Trek,” recalls how he first encountered J.J. Abrams, his “Lost” co-creator and “Star Trek” director, with a little help from the Boss.

Source: The NY Times

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