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Film Your Finale Party!

Thanks to Lenka for the heads up. This is what Gregg Nations wrote over at The Fuselage.

Hello, everyone!

I have a special request for every LOST fan, so please pass this around as much as possible. (I hope I'm not doing anything to break the posting rules by listing this here, but I didn't know where to put it, and I figured you Fuselagers are much smarter than me and would know where this goes.)

A fan call to arms!

Are you getting excited about the finale? Are you making special viewing party plans? Well we here at LOST labs want to share in that special viewing party with you. Over the past few seasons, we have seen some pretty amazing footage of your awesome finale parties, and this year we would love nothing more than to see and share them with everyone. From Dharma chili in your Dharma jumpsuits with Dharma-shaped cake for dessert, you all have set the highest standards for LOST viewing parties --

-- and we want to feature them at this year's Comic-Con! Because without you guys and your support, we wouldn't be on the air. We can't promise that we can show moments from everyone's parties, but we're going to try our best to get as many as we can on screen for the world to see!

So please film your fun and festivities and send us your favorite short film version of your party. Photographs and video are both good. Details about where to send your DVDs (and/or data files) to come. Namaste, and get your LOST on!

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