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Thanks to Annamarie for the heads up.

The Port Williams area is one of the locations involved in the filming of a new movie about evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin.

Prescott House at Starr’s Point was the scene of filming June 1. Ryan Vessey, a production assistant, said the Nova Scotia museum “was excited to be involved.”

According to Vessey, the film is a joint project of National Geographic and Nova/ PBS. It will be called I, Darwin.

“It focuses on the period just before the publication of his book,” said Vessey, when Darwin was feeling threatened by a rival.

He explained Prescott House, circa 1814, is the right period; the surrounding landscape also fits.

Henry Ian Cusack, who appears in ABC’s Lost as Desmond, is Darwin; and Australian actress Frances O’Connor plays his wife. Halifax actor Jeremy Webb was also cast.

Vessey estimates shooting will continue locally into next week when the production will move to Uniacke House. About 100 people are involved.

Darwin’s 200th birthday was this past February. It is also 150 years since he published On the Origin of Species.

Source: NovaNews

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