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Melissa in San Diego: Any word on Mark Pellegrino being on Lost next season, or is Jacob really dead?
We posed that question to Michael Emerson who claims he doesn't know the fate of Jacob, but since Ben was the one to stab him, we don't quite believe him. "I have no idea, honestly, I wonder. I can't wait to see that next script," he says. The cast of Lost goes back to Hawaii in the middle of August to shoot the final season, and Michael is really looking forward to it: "It's certainly bittersweet, but it's sort of exciting to know that they're not going to string it out. They are going to end that sucker in 17 episodes. I can't wait to see how they do it." We can't either!

Silvia in Kansas City, Kan.: What's with the new ABC promo that has Dominic Monaghan saying he "used to be dead"? Is that a huge clue that there will be a reset and Charlie Pace will be back on Lost?
That was the big rumor on Friday; however, sources now tell our friends at IGN that Dominic Monaghan has a major role in ABC's new series Flash Forward. No word yet on his character, but we do know that he won't be introduced until episode two or so.

Source: E!Online

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