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Thanks to Bruce for the heads up on Lost Island being voted the best.

The Island from ‘Lost’ (TV)
No location has ever been as integral to a television show or movie as the Island is to “Lost.” In the five years the show has been on the air, the large chunk of Pacific Rim real estate has shared top billing with the sprawling cast (especially during the time-jumping portion of season five). And raised more questions than provided answers.

How is it able to heal some people of their illnesses and injuries? Why is it marked with pockets of electro-magnetic energy?

Who/what is Smokie?

And what about the four-toed statue??

The mythology surrounding this TV show, and how it was crafted, will be studied for decades. There are so many storylines threaded in “Lost” that the franchise almost demands a multi-media expansion, because there is no way all the questions the writers have raised over the show’s five year run will be answered in the final season.

What is not to be questioned is how the setting has benefited the show. From the surfside camp the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 first established, to the camp of the Others, Jacob’s cabin, to the Orchid, the Swan and every other Dharma installation, the Island has set the mood and marked the turning point for every major development in the series.

Source: Full List @ MSNBC

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