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"Pilot" 9/22/2004 & 9/29/2004
What, exactly, were they thinking? The writers, the directors, the cast—did they really think there was a network series in this bizarre pilot about a downed airplane and the mystical mayhem it unleashes? Maybe not, and viewers are all the better for it. Damon Lindelof says he and cocreator J.J. Abrams found it “incredibly liberating” to craft a pilot that no one seriously expected to work as a weekly series. “It freed us up to do things that normally would’ve scared the hell out of us.” Not that the weight of their endeavor completely escaped them. One line in the pilot particularly resonated with foreboding for Lindelof. “I’ll never forget the day we were shooting Dominic Monaghan [Charlie] as he looked around and said, ‘Guys, where are we?’” It was that moment, Lindelof says, when he realized, “Wow. We might actually have to answer that question one of these days.”

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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