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Well here is a story you file under WTF!?

Previous winner of Best Supporting Actor Terry O'Quinn was left off of this year's ballot that has now been sent out to the voters.

Earlier this week we posted that O'Quinn's Centric Episode The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham was submitted for consideration, but with him not on the ballot I guess he can now not win!?

All of the other LOST actors are listed on the ballots and apparently this is common for actors to be left off because it is up to the actors to make sure the correct paperwork is submitted. Early speculation is he forgot to or that he maybe did not hoping this would allow more votes to be submitted for co-stars Michael Emerson and Josh Holloway.

Here is the link to the actual Emmy ballot for the Acting Categories (PDF File) for your review and you check out more details over at LA Times which originally reported the omission of O'Quinn.

Source: The ODI

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