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Update: 16th July Here is a link to the original claim back in 2005
Update: 18:20 Here is a little update since The ODI posted this last night.

1) Anthony Spinner produced and/or wrote for The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Cannon, Search,The FBI, Return of the Saint, and Baretta
2) He claims he was paid $30,000 for the show outline back in 1977
3) He sued both ABC and Touchstone Television back in 2005 but was thrown out due to a technicality

TMZ is reporting that Anthony Spinner first pitched the idea of LOST way back in 1977 and then again in the early 90s??

I have no idea how true this is but there is apparently a document comparing what he wrote with the show today over at TMZ.

When I was sent this story I laughed at it. Well here is the screencap of the site and link to the document:

Thanks to David for the heads up.


(Click to Enlarge)

Source: TMZ

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