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With the TV Season starting in about a week or two, many media outlets are putting out their Fall TV Previews, but Popular Mechanics had a Sci-FI Fall TV Preview that included LOST. Even with LOST starting in January, the magazine was still excited enough to make a mention of it in it's preview.

They mention the Mr. Clucks Hurley ad from Comic con and the possibility of a reset or that history has been changed. However, there was also a little tidbit from Josh Holloway about the show finally making sense and that it will be "magical".

I am sure my podcast partner and good friend Karen will love the "magical" part!!

Here you go:

Josh Holloway, who plays Sawyer, had this to say about the final season: "The material will finally make sense … maybe," he told Popular Mechanics. "I'll be sad to see it end, but it's gonna be magical."

Source: Popular Mechanics

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