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Thanks to Jill for the heads up on this interview with Daniel Dae Kim. The link to the full article contains some spoilers on tonights episode.

Jin and Sun have been apart for two seasons now. Will we see them finally reunited at some point?
That's a really good question. I'm not sure whether the Jin and Sun story is meant to have a happy ending or a tragic one. It could be all tied up in a bow, like a lot of television stories are, or it could be a Romeo and Juliet situation.

In last week's episode, "The Substitute," we see that "Kwon" is written on the cave as a "candidate" to rule the island. Does that refer to Jin or Sun?
If it's Jin, that means all the numbers — all of the designees — are men. If it's not, then Sun would be the only woman on the list — and I wonder what the ramifications of that might be.

If, in the first season, you look at it from Jin's perspective: Not only did his plane crash, but he's also surrounded by a bunch of Americans and Australians that don't understand him — which makes it all the more terrifying.
That's a great point. And as I do my work as an actor, that's what I think about: He's in a job that he hates, doing a task he doesn't want to be doing for the woman that he loves, but the relationship is already strained. Now he's among a bunch of strangers, he doesn't speak any English, and he's suspicious of people already. It's kind of the worst-case scenario for him.

Is it fun to play Jin now that he can actually communicate with the other characters? In season one he was blamed for setting an escape raft on fire, basically just because he was the only person who couldn't say, "Nope, it wasn't me."
Exactly! It is liberating to be able to play different kinds of scenes with the other actors. There's great drama to come out of a literal misunderstanding, but, at the same time, it can be somewhat limiting in terms of some of the dynamics you can explore.

Source: Full Article @ NYMAG

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