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Lost’s Sun is doing hard time for killing her baby’s father! Calm down. This isn’t Sun’s flash sideways scenario. Jin’s not getting whacked and Sun’s not being thrown in the same polar bear cages where Sawyer and Kate rotted a few seasons back. Rather, Sun’s portrayer, Yunjin Kim, spent her summer hiatus in Korea shooting a movie, "Harmony," playing a pregnant felon who delivers her baby behind bars.

Once in the big house, “my character starts a singing group,” says Kim, who admits to being “a terrible singer.”

Yunjin just laughs when asked if she received singing tips from her TV hubby Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), who spent the previous hiatus performing in the musical, "The King and I."

But Yunjin fears either Sun or Jin will not live to see the end. “I’m all for happy endings, but on this show I think it would be boring to just see Sun and Jin go back to Korea,” she says. “I have a feeling one of us will die to make it dramatic.”

She just hopes it’s not her. “You can’t ever cancel out the possibility of 'Lost: The Movie,'” she says. “So I’d like to stay alive, just in case.”

Source: TV Guide Magazine

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