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With ABC's Lost now well into its riveting final season, it seemed like the perfect time for us to reveal the geek obsessions of three of the show’s stars ...

Jorge Garcia (Hugo “Hurley” Reyes): “Well, I grew up with Star Wars so that's always been my first. [Currently], I like buying Godzilla dolls. There's something about Godzilla that is endearing to me and makes me feel like a kid watching afternoon movies. I have a baby Godzilla and a couple Mecha-Godzillas and a few [other] different Godzillas—because his look changed—and one of the bad guys, Rodan. He's got a bird beak and these long, long claws. Whenever I go into a store and they have a Godzilla doll, there's a good chance I'll get it.”

Terry O’Quinn (John Locke): “All of the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian [which] Master and Commander—that movie Russell Crowe was in—was based on. There's probably 20ish books in that and I've read them all probably two times. Or even more. Sometimes I just pick up one now and read it because I know all of them so well. That's probably the only passion to that extent, but it wasn't like I was getting online and, you know, filling in people with all that I was aware of about the English Navy in the Napoleonic era.”

Michael Emerson (Ben Linus): “I spent a whole summer once when I was a kid devouring the Nancy Drew books. I think I knew more at that time about however many there were—the 25 or 30 books that existed at that time—than about anyone on Earth. [Laughs]”
GCD: We bet you didn't bring that up on a lot of first dates when you were single.
Emerson: “No. [Laughs] I sort of regret bringing it up with you.”

Source: GeekChicDaily

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