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Thanks to Claudio from www.lost-spoiler.over-blog.com for the following.

Here is an interview of Emilie de Ravin, made by a french magazine. I've tried to translate.

Télé-Loisirs : How was it to leave the set of lost for a while?
Emilie de Ravin : It was great to take a break. But it was also great to return ! Especially since returning for the final season is very exciting.

How was the shooting of Remember Me?
Robert and I got along very well, without having to force things.We were involved in our roles. But the shooting was pretty crazy sometimes. Hard to concentrate with fans all around the set !

What attracted you into this scenario?
The fact that is not a light romantic comedy! There is really more. Face at their difficult lives, Ally, my character, and Tyler (Robert Pattinson) give moral suport to each other.

What are your plans?
I'm very proud to have participated in an animated film, Legends Of The Guardians of Zach Snyder. I lend my voice to Eglantine, a little owl.What is funny is that many actors who are going to double are Australian! (Note: the actress is Australian)

Source: programme-tv.net

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