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Why didn't Mr. Eko come back?

It's one of the most asked questions about Lost's final season. After all, everyone else returned! So what gives?

Sources tell me exclusively:

Lost's Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje--who played the iconic Mr. Eko--was offered a guest spot in last night's Lost series finale, but he...wait for it...turned it down.

According to ABC and Lost insiders, Adewale was offered a hearty sum to do one scene in the last hurrah, but the actor wanted five times the amount that was offered. It didn't work out.

How and where would Adewale have popped up in the finale? I guess we'll never know, but he was definitely loved by many fans before his character's demise.

Eko (a warlord who pretended to be a priest in order to smuggle drugs) was the fifth character to die on Lost, after facing the Smoke Monster for a second time and getting attacked, and then telling Locke, "I saw the devil."

Producers have said their original plan was for Mr. Eko to stay on the show four seasons, but they released Adewale from his contract after only one season because he wanted off the Island.

Leggo my Eko!

Would you have liked to see Adewale/Eko in the finale, or did it feel just fine without him? Comment below...

Source: E!Online

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