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So, how did you land the role of Danielle Rousseau in Lost and what was it like working with such a great cast and living in Hawaii?

I landed it on just a regular audition. I went to this audition and it was just supposed to be just one or two episodes. But then they obviously needed that role for the story, so I was occasionally in Hawaii, which was the most beautiful places on earth. It was wonderful to work with Naveen, especially with him, and I had a little chance to work with Terry O’Quinn, who is one of the most wonderful actors in existence. It was nice. The show is now ending, so we’ll see what will happen next.

What are your thoughts of your death on the show? Some of your fans were disappointed seeing your character meet a somewhat premature end, before proper resolution could have been made for your character.

I didn’t feel happy. It’s too bad, I thought that the character was so great, I loved playing that character and there was so much in that character. I just, I’ll just regret all those things weren’t developed, that’s my sadness about that.

There was a rumor that you chose to leave the show, is that true at all?

No, that’s not true at all. I don’t know where this is coming from, I loved being on the show and loved playing that role.

Danielle was a very complex character, and that evolved over the life of the show. When we first met her we think she is this very savage woman, but as we get to know her in her struggle we begin to empathize with her quite a bit and we find out that she is one of the few characters without a checkered past, one of the pure characters if you will.

As an actress was it hard to portray that evolution?

It was always present from the very beginning, the pain and the purity, the good intentions. I never saw her as this dangerous or even evil character, there was always much more to it. I didn’t see it as an evolution, I saw it from the beginning already.

I think a chance was lost with that character, I’m really disappointed and angry with those rumors, because I don’t know where they are coming from. Maybe it’s just an easy way to dismiss them.

What were some of the experiences you drew upon as an actress to portray that role?

Oh you know – my whole life. You draw from your life, you know. And I had a lot of stuff to draw, nothing specific, but everything that happened to me, and I tried to play with that

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