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Thanks to Joel for the heads up.

Whether you loved or hated this past Sunday’s Lost finale (for the record, I loved it), there is no denying that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse gave us a definitive ending to the series. The evil smoke monster was defeated once and for all, Hurley and Ben took over as island protectors and the majority of the surviving cast members made it off the island to start the next chapter of their lives.

While we know that ultimately these characters were all eventually reunited in a flash sideways “purgatory” upon death, we don’t know what their lives post-Lost entailed. So while Chris Kirkman will be around later today to share his insights and thoughts on every other aspect of Lost’s final episode, I thought I would take the time this week to speculate on how the surviving castaways spent their remaining years on this earth before ending up in Christian Shepard’s non-denominational ghost church …

Kate Austen, the only member of the famed Oceanic Six to make it back to civilization, uses her Oceanic settlement and her celebrity status to open a chain of self-defense schools teaching women how to avoid being captured by armed assailants. She has a brief fling with Sawyer, which fizzles out after they both find themselves thinking of someone else during sex (oddly enough, they both think about Juliet). With Sawyer out of the picture and Aaron returned to Claire, Kate decides to follow in the footsteps of countless other celebrities and adopts a child from overseas – Ji Yeon. After a week of being with Ji Yeon, she finds herself pining for Aaron once again.

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