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Update: 14th June We've updated the final PDF at the bottom to make it easier to print and fold.

A Big Thanks to Brock who has put all this together in order to make your Own Flight 815 Tickets like the ones below.

Ticket dimensions are 8 x 3.5. I print them on 65lb cardstock paper that I buy at Office Max. Recommend printing with a color laserjet due to high resolution fonts. Make sure to enable color, duplex/two-sided printing in LANDSCAPE 11 x 8.5. I round the corners by hand but you can buy a corner round puncher from most arts/crafts stores that carry scrapbooking material. I also bought a rotary perforator there that makes really nice "tear here" lines on the ticket stub. I'm not sure how to get these to print as one document, two pages in order to print them as one, two-sided document, without using Acrobat Writer, sorry. I have been doing that each time. Since the name and seat fields are blank, you'll have to find a way to add your own. Not sure the best way, let me know what works for you. I would guess to recommend PDF-XChange Viewer 2.052:


It's free and we use it at work, has some edit features.

"NAME" font used: DejaVu Sans Mono, Bold, 9.6 points
"SEAT" font used: DejaVu Sans Mono, Book, 8.7 points

I think that's an Adobe font. If it's hard to find I think Arial is a substitutable font.

... other than that, you're welcome to tell our fellow LOST fans to email me directly if they are unable to add the name/seat on the PDF. It is very easy for me to do the front face of the ticket for them and email if they specify what name and seat they would like, I don't mind. I have referred many to the assumed seating chart when choosing:


PDF Files to Download
Attached is the outside paper sleeve, w/ fold lines, etc. It's 11 x 8.5 landscape but make sure to print on 17 x 11 legal or you will probably have margin cutoffs, I did.


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