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Yesterday news broke that Terry O'Quinn was planning a small screen reunion with his "Lost" co-star Michael Emerson and today Michael has revealed to NYPost.com's PopWrap how this new show came to be.

Where did this idea come from?
Michael Emerson: It came from just goofing off around on the “Lost” set. It started as a joke: what will we do after “Lost?” Well we could have a vaudeville act or do songs & dances on the front porch of the old actor’s home. But we liked the idea, even though it began as a joke, more and more of working together again. So he asked, “what do you have lined up after ‘Lost?’” I said, "nothing, what do you have?" He said "nothing." We thought, would it be impossible to work together again? Is it out of the question? We decided it wasn’t -- if we wanted it to happen it could happen. So we made our wishes known to the kinds of people who make TV shows in Hollywood.

Is there a tangible idea yet?
Emerson: There’s maybe a half-dozen little baby ideas that are being batted around – you know how it is with the development of ideas in Hollywood: you throw something into the machine and when it comes out it looks nothing like itself any more. I don’t know if anything will come of it.

Will it be lighter?
Emerson: That was one of the ideas we were always tossing around – we’re both fairly funny guys who have lived in a dark place for a very long time on “Lost.” It might be fun to do something a little lighter in weight and a little more playful.

Fan reaction
Emerson: I do feel that there is support for us – although I’m also a little trepidatious about it too because sometimes it’s better not to go to the well repeatedly. There’s also the risk of things just not working out. That would be a sad thing, so we’ll be extremely careful. Very particular.

Source: Full Article at PopWrap

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