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Josh was for almost 24 hours in Munich and this is a report about his stay there.

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He gets out of the ocean pretty sexy and lets fasten many hearts beat - Josh Holloway!
The actor shows his astral body and a lot of naked skin at all events in his new advertising campaign. In his normal life he is used to wear mostly more. Yesterday (21th May) the 36 years old American came to Germany just for a flying visit of narrowly 24 hours. It was long enough to get some wonderful impressions:
'Yesterday in the evening i was in a beer-garden. It was wonderful to be in the English Garden and i even heard it should be similar large as the Central Park in New York or even larger. It was wonderful!'
Withal Josh Holloway has his Paradise Garden in front of his door at home he is able to combine business with pleasure, for the one thing living in Paradise and for the other thing filming for his new advertising campaign on Hawaii.
Under direction of star photographer Michel Comte he strips off but not to shed the last layer and therefore the sunny boy has a really good explanation:
'It would be too complicated to pull off the jeans first, it is much cooler to go into like a he man would do.' (laughs)
And when a he man throws his beautiful body with jeans on into the water many eyes will be fixed on him!
This is success after not countable trainings in and at water mostly on Hawaii. In spite of his look he doesn't show any signs of vanities:
'I hope that i am not vain. I do not like when men are too busy with their beauty care. It is not attractive!' (smiles)
This seems to be the truly secret of a genuine sex-appeal, being unpretentious from tip to toe!

Here some pics from the TV spot:

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