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L’Oréal Paris is pleased to welcome Matthew Fox, lead of the hit television series LOST, as the new spokesperson for the Men Expert line throughout the world, except in the United States and Canada.

Matthew Fox will represent the Men Expert Hydra-Energetic skincare line that has met with great success with consumers.

“I'm thrilled to be working with L'Oréal Paris. I really appreciate the innovative and high-performance nature of the brand, as well as its values of open mindedness and diversity.
L’Oréal Paris offers women - and now men - throughout the world care products at the leading edge of technology,” says Matthew Fox.

“Matthew Fox is a rising star in Hollywood. He is also one of the heroes of the world’s most famous series. In addition to his undeniable professional and artistic qualities, his appeal, charisma and “friendly” virility make him a perfect Ambassador for Men Expert. Matthew symbolizes naturalness and simplicity, ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body!’… It’s a strategic turning point for L’Oréal Paris and Men Expert in terms of awareness and advertising” says Youcef Nabi the brand’s International Manager. Matthew Fox’s mission is to convince millions of men that caring for their skin will let them delay signs of ageing and feel good about themselves”.

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