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MANILA, Philippines -- Life did not exactly become a bed of roses when Daniel Dae Kim took on the role of Jin in “Lost.”
“Initially, I got criticisms for my character because, in the first part of the season, Jin was portrayed as a man who was not nice, and who was mean to his wife. But that’s part of the character’s attraction—he is a very complex man,” Kim told Inquirer Entertainment in an exclusive phone interview.

Asian communities abroad thought his was a stereotypical character that put Asian men in a bad light yet again. The actor got his redemption when, in one episode, Jin’s life was flashed back. It showed Jin as a very devoted and loving husband who was protective of his wife.

The character, who didn’t speak English, was a surprising success among American audiences.

“I think it’s good for the industry to become aware that there is a market for us [Asians], not only as an audience but also as part of the show,” Kim said. He went from becoming accepted to being sought after—as he was named one of People Magazine’s sexiest men alive in 2005.

source: Inquirer exclusive
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