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Actor Josh Holloway, from Atlanta, Georgia, stars as heart-throb Sawyer in kooky cult TV drama Lost. Originally a model, Josh turned to acting and appeared in numerous made-for-TV movies. He returns to his advertising roots with the new campaign for Davidoff's Cool Water. Josh currently lives in Hawaii with his wife Yessica.

Was going back to modelling a bit strange?
It had a good concept and I was able to act within the commercial. It was all swimming and cliff diving, so it was a lot of fun.

How did you get into modelling to begin with?
I was working in construction and got my hair cut. Someone asked me to do a hair show and I said sure. That’s where it started. I did some basic modelling in Atlanta and then moved to New York. I was 18. Back then they were using real men for ads. Today, they use younger, more androgynous, models but back then it was beefcake guys. I didn’t work for a while.

What’s the oddest shoot you’ve done?
It was for a pyjama campaign. The pyjamas had different animal prints and our hair was styled to look like the animal. I ended up with a cow print hairdo with little horns. It only appeared in Europe, luckily, so my friends didn’t see it. They thought it was great I was having success. They still took the piss, though, but that’s what good friends are for.

It’s a cliché for models to want to become actors. Did that put you off?
It nearly did, I had to get over it. It was very difficult to get into acting and that stereotype didn’t help. I gave up on my acting ambitions three times but kept getting back into it. It’s a tough industry but I never lost my love for the craft. I felt I wanted to move on in life, possibly get married and have a family, and I had nothing to provide. Those issues played a part in my considering giving it up. Maybe that’s why you make it sometimes though. You quit trying to please and just be. I was about to get into selling real estate, I had just got my licence when I got the part in Lost.

Do women throw themselves at you?
Occasionally. The most forward woman was over 60. She threw her arms around me out of nowhere. She was enthusiastic, ha ha. It was during the day and I’d seen her around at a couple of events. I wasn’t exactly being stalked but she definitely keeps up with Lost.

Is it good there’s finally a date for Lost to end?
Yes and it’s a testament to the writers’ creativity and their commitment to the integrity of the story. It’s unprecedented in television. It might have become a bit ridiculous without an end date. It’s an industry based on ratings, so the fact they were able to negotiate an ending says a lot about their commitment. I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve had to do in Lost?
It wasn’t ridiculous but the most exhilarating and frightening thing was the episode where I was on a raft that blew up. I was wearing steel-toed boots and jeans. I was supposed to be shot in one arm and had to swim quite a way through the ocean and then drag Michael [Harold Perrineau] back on to a raft. It was in the middle of the night. I thought I was going to sink and I felt like shark bait.

What do you want to do after Lost finishes?
I want to do everything. I’d like to learn some different dialects and do some more diverse character roles, the way Johnny Depp and Daniel Day Lewis do it. I really respect their work. I love diversity.

A polar bear roams the island in Lost. Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal yourself?
No. I thought I was being attacked once though. Me and my wife were camping and we heard movement all around us in the forest and it kept getting closer and closer. We ran to the car and flipped the lights on – I was using a burning marshmallow on a stick as my weapon. It turned out to be five raccoons. They were surrounding our camp. We put the lights on and they disappeared but they were very bold.

Source: Metro

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