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(BANG) - Josh Holloway has vowed never to have a "back, sack and crack wax again".

The 'Lost' star and former male model - who plays bad boy Sawyer in the cult show - once had to remove all his hair from down below to model underwear and admits he found it a traumatic experience.

Josh told Britain's FHM magazine: "I had to do an underwear thing and they said, 'You should wax down there.' I don't have much hair down there anyway but I said, 'OK'.

"It was horrible, never again. I wouldn't wish it on anyone."

Meanwhile, Josh has claimed he is in talks to star in 'X-Men 4'.

The actor has been approached by studio bosses to play Gambit - a mutant who can charge objects with kinetic energy and make them explode.

He said: "We had a meeting and they wanted me to play Gambit, the card dealer character, they thought I'd be perfect for the part. We'll see."

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