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Make-up mastermind Tom Savini - recently seen in "Grindhouse" - will play a devious vampire overlord named Sebed in Edward Douglas's "The Dead Matter".

Produced in conjunction with Precinct 13 Entertainment, the new horror film also stars Andrew Divoff ("Lost") and Jason Carter ("Babylon 5"). It tells of a grief stricken young woman who will do anything to contact her dead brother.

Filming starts August 6 in Ohio.

Divoff, who was seen most recently as the eye-patch- wearing villain, Mikhail Bakunin, on ABC’s "Lost" and will be seen in the upcoming film, "The Rage", will be joining the set of "The Dead Matter" as the character, Vellich.

Vellich’s arch-nemesis, Ian McCallister, will be played by Carter.

Source: MovieHole

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