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Our good friend DocAtzt over at The Tailsection has just published a short interview they did with William Mapother.
Doc: Ethan Rom has had one of the busiest “afterlives” of any deceased Lost character. Any indication yet that we will see Ethan in Season Four?

William Mapother: They tell me nothin' (and, of course, even if I knew I'd have to say "They tell me nothin'... ") I'm hopeful, though, because Ethan's appearance in back stories seems their handy way of showing the Others' presence as well.

When Ethan first shows up in bad guy mode, after Hurley finds out he isn’t on the manifest, he has this absolutely terrifying expression and presence. Where did you ever learn to pour on the creepy like that? Was it difficult to find the right ‘cold and evil’ look for Ethan?
I have no clue as to the source of that look. When I saw it on screen, I creeped myself. Lighting and story context helped a lot, of course. As the first non-survivor, Mary Poppins would've had a bit of creep to her. We shot my expression and performance many different ways, and I couldn't have bet which they'd choose. They picked Creepy #2, I think. A fine vintage, apparently.

Did you expect to be brought back after being killed off in Season One?
I had an inkling I would, based on some conversations, but I had no idea how they'd do it. Making Ethan a surgeon may have been their compensation for killing me so soon. : )

The casting of Lost seems like an interesting story from everybody’s perspective, how did you wind up being cast?
My agent submitted me, and JJ Abrams knew my work from "In the Bedroom" and told them to offer me the first two episodes. I received the offer the morning the premiere debuted, and I had to choose between a long-planned vacation with college friends, and two eps of a show I'd never heard of. I had to choose the work, of course, and my friends showered me with abusive calls and emails. I arrived into Hawaii the next day, and the show was already a hit. The abuse was a small price to pay, eh?

One bit of Lost folk lore is the infamous Ethan Vs. Locke fight. There are pictures from the fight, which were released by ABCMedianet, but the scene was cut from the final episode. What can you tell us about what went on in that fight? Did Ethan kick Locke's butt?
I'm always reluctant to discuss cut footage, because the producers' final choices are on the screen. But because there's a still shot floating around and the scene's known, I'll say a bit. In the ep, several survivors decide to create a security perimeter around Claire so they can catch Ethan when he comes after her. In the script, Ethan broke through the perimeter at Locke's point and they fight (I don't recall exactly how Terry and I began fighting, eg, if he jumped me or I him). He gets out his knife and stabs me in the outer thigh, and then I knock him out and continue up a small rise to surprise Claire. That part was cut.

When you do see me come from out of the trees, of course I'm limping. But without the fight with Terry to explain it, the limp makes it appear that the mighty Ethan twisted his ankle on a small root. :)

I understand the scene was cut only because of time, which is a frequent occurrence on 'Lost' and other hour dramas. And it's a good example of the limits an actor has over his performance.

Regardless, it was a fun scene to shoot with Terry, and Ethan's injury always gave me a reason why Jack was then able to best Ethan. : )

Were you told in the beginning that Ethan was going to have this larger presence with the other’s community?
Absolutely not. I was given vague, cryptic hints about Ethan's background, but I don't recall knowing or hearing much about the Others at all. I was there for ep #7, I think, and pretty much all the cast was in the dark about a lot of things.

When he first fights Jack, Ethan seems to be almost unstoppable. Were you directed to act as if you were superhuman?
No. We choreographed the fight, and that's how it worked out. Jack got in a few blows, too!

As they began to reveal more about The Others through season two and season three, were you given any background information to work with that has yet to be revealed, or you in the dark like the rest of us?
I learned some more than the audience did. But from what I understand, the creators and producers gave all the cast only enough to let them perform their roles, then they slammed the iron door on more info.

Michael Emerson has stated when fans meet him they seem intimated, like they are seeing him in character. Do you ever experience that?
Absolutely. I'm sorry for Michael, but I'm at least glad it's happening to someone else. Sometimes people approach me and then back away, and then when I smile, they seem to have difficulty processing the image. Watching their faces register the change is always fun.

Since season one, Ethan has portrayed as this swell, neighborly guy. Do you miss playing him as the brooding villain?
I never felt he was a villain. Ethan had his reasons for behaving as he did, just as Ana Lucia, Kate, and Sawyer all had their reasons for committing murder. I've played him the same way throughout the show; just the circumstances have changed. He's a fun character to inhabit.

Do you watch Lost?
Never miss an ep.

What are you up to now, and when can we expect to see you again (outside of Lost)?
A new website for me is underway at williammapother.com, and as for shows I'm on the new Fox's new cop show "K-ville," I just shot an indie thriller called "Hurt," and I'm shooting a horror-western (complete with horse, gun, and hat) called "The Burrowers."

Alot to look forward to! Thanks for your time William.
Thank You!

Source: DocArzt@TheTailsection

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