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J.J. Abrams Talks 1-18-08


1-18-08.com producer J.J. Abrams dropped Ain't It Cool News a line about the secret movie for which the teaser was revealed in front of Transformers. His comments might surprise you:

Regarding the online stuff you posted: yeah, we're doing some fun stuff on the web. But, obviously, if the movie doesn't kick some massive ASS, who gives a rat's about what's online? So as you can imagine, we're focusing mostly on THAT. For what it's worth, the only site of ours that people have even FOUND is the 1-18-08.com site. The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us.

The EthanHaaswasright.com and EthanHaaswaswrong.blogspot.com websites are widely believed to be part of the movie, generally because Paramount asked YouTube to remove videos taken from the EthanHaaswasright.com. Why they had them removed is a mystery now, much like what or where the other site(s) are that Abrams mentions above.

Source: Ain't-It-Cool-News

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