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So this latest Indiana Jones 4 news isn't exactly up there with the first picture of Harrison Ford in a fedora, but there is so much attention directed at the movie that we should just resign ourselves to reading every little update that comes our way. JoBlo is reporting that Andrew Divoff from TV's LOST has just signed on for an unnamed role. Since I don't have my flow charts with me, it is probably way too complicated to explain who Divoff plays on LOST, but let's just say he has some experience playing shadowy Russian types. So, his part in Indy just might be along those lines. The return of Indiana Jones has sparked a fan frenzy already with news of locations, casting, and things like the "will he or won't he" questions surrounding Sean Connery's return ... it's enough to exhaust anyone.

The basics that have been reported are that Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods will catch up with our favorite bull-whip wielding archaeologist during the Cold War and pit him against some nefarious Soviets who are after alien technology. While details on the plot are being hidden like national secrets, there is plenty of speculation about the story focusing on the infamous spot of Area 51. The Las Cruces Sun-News had reported that the film was set to start shooting in Deming, New Mexico, and the production had constructed an Air Force base that has some striking similarities to the Area 51 of conspiracy lore. Since the assumption so far has been that the bad-guys in the film would mostly be Russian, one could safely assume Divoff is on board to play a baddie. This is hardly the last we are going to hear from the project though, so we'll keep the updates coming.

Source: Cinematical

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