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First Look at Ubisoft's Lost Game

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The next season of Lost doesn't debut until early next year, but that hasn't stopped fans from obsessing over every rumor, every casting leak, every potential shooting location and every bit that's revealed about Ubisoft's impending videogame based on the mysterious TV show. Like the show itself, maybe it's best to answer what's revealed about Lost in EGM's exclusive first look via a series of questions.

Will I learn about Season 4?
No, the game takes place over seasons one and two, with bits of three.

Do I play as [favorite main character]?
No, but you'll interact with him/her, as well as other principal characters. The game centers on a new lostie, amnesia-suffering photojournalist Elliott, who will learn about his life and reason for being on the island through playable flashback sequences.

Do the numbers play a role?
As always, yes. Entering them into the computer located within the infamous hatch will unlock the island's computer network.

Do I need to play this to enjoy the show or visa versa?
Nope. This is a side-story, something to provide Lost fans with more information about the show's mythology that can't fit into the primary TV story arcs. And it works the other way around. "It should be easy to play for anyone who's watched at least a few episodes and knows several of the main characters," says the game's Creative Director Nicolas Eybert.

More details about the puzzle-centric action adventure, including a tease about the game's supposedly out-of-left-field ending and an interview with series producers Carlton Cruse and Damon Lindelof, are in the new EGM, due on store shelves September 4.

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