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Hairstyles based on TV characters are an odd avenue of celebrity hero worship. Back in my younger years I remember desperately wanting the ‘Rachel’ do, a shaggy, choppy look based on Jennifer Aniston’s part in sitcom Friends. Obviously now, I’m pleased that I didn’t. I’d have looked like a transsexual no doubt, but the ‘Rachel’ was sadly not the last TV haircut to catch on. People – I give you the ‘Sawyer’.

Derived from the scruffy, messed up mane of the Southern bad-boy in Lost, I find myself perplexed by the ‘Sawyer’. Actor Josh Holloway is a fine specimen of a man and I can understand why men would look to replicate his style – but his hair? He plays someone stranded on a desert island, camping on the beach and miles away from his nearest barber – does that sound like a deliberate fashion step? If anything Sawyer has one of the most sun-frazzled barnets on the show and I’m sure Nicky Clarke would warn of his split ends and order an intensive conditioning pronto.

When you’re stuck with Kate snipping at your tresses, you’re pretty desperate, so why would men choose this aspect of the character to fixate upon? Is it because the messy look is easy to achieve or they assume that if they sport it, that they’ll end up pulling their own sexy tomboy?

Either way, if you know anyone with the ‘Sawyer’ please do send in some pics to the Scoop. Do you think they look good with it and would you consider it yourself? Maybe you’re reading this proudly stroking your ‘Sawyer’ and want to speak up in defence of your styling stance. You could even look better than the original Sawyer – after all, he does have those rubbish reading glasses.

Source: TV Scoop

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