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LOST...in the music

There an excellent article in the Star Bulletin regarding the upcoming "LOST Symphony" in Honolulu, including program details.

With the help of Simonec, Giacchino plans some surprises during the world premiere of the "Lost" Symphony. "We want to try, like the show, to give the audience something not exactly what they expect. We'll be taking the show's themes and arrange them for a full symphony orchestra, using the full palette of sounds. There will be slightly modified versions of the character themes. It's a great opportunity for me to refine my ideas, exploring all of the characters and their emotions, as well as the different locations."

Giacchino plans to expand on three pieces that are special favorites. "One is when we see the first time Locke walked after (we learned) he was confined to a wheelchair. Another is the episode where Hurley is handing out food to everybody. And the time the raft was built and launched. Those are the most emotional shows for me."

Read the full article here.

Source: Star Bulletin

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