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Evangeline Lilly and Other CanCon Celebs Exposed

With over 20-years of experience analyzing signatures, Ellie George is no stranger at revealing the true identities of the stars. And now she’s telling the Special some of the things that you may not know about Canada’s top celebrities like Lost star Evangeline Lilly, Kiefer Sutherland and sultry musician Chantal Kreviazuk.

George tells the Special that a signature can reveal a lot about someone and that can include everything from confidence, sex appeal and even lower back pain!

“I look for size, whether it’s large or small. Maybe a person uses loops or no loops. There will be specific things that can tell me whether someone is easy-going, dependable or musically inclined,” George confides to the Special from her table in Kensington Market.

For George, however, becoming a graphologist seemed to be in the palm of her hand. While working as a secretary, she decided to better herself by apprenticing as a handwriting analyst. With a scratch of hard work and a pinch of education, the Macedonian native realised that she held a gift for being able to read into the lives of everyday Torontonians - literally. “I’m not going to tell you about your future. I will reveal things about you; things that you may know or not always be aware of.”

And with over 50,000 signatures read, including pop star Iggy Pop, George says that it’s all a mix of experience and intuition. But what does Ellie George say about our famous celebrities?

Winnipeg native Chantal Kreviazuk was one of Ellie’s favourite signatures, but she begins by warning that Kreviazuk may be unhappy in her marriage and searching for more.

“Chantal is suffering from a broken heart and could be looking for a way to mend that.” Although her seven-year marriage to musician Raine Maida seems like a match made in Can-con heaven, the truth is that it could be suffering. “Chantal likes to be in control. She has a big ego,” adds George. “She has a lot of passion in her signature and has a lot of emotion that needs to be released; however, through it all is a strong desire to be satisfied both emotionally and physically.”

For the grandson of great Canadian Tommy Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, George sees a hard-working man that is sensitive to criticism. “Kiefer works really hard at everything he does,” confides George.

“And that’s why he takes criticism to heart.” She also adds that he’s very selective in the women he dates and can be a bit of a loner at times. Whether this began when Julia Roberts left him at the alter, George can’t answer. But she does add that Sutherland’s signature shows that he has a lot of pride in his family heritage.

“He would be a great father and is a great friend. Although sometimes people can take advantage of that.”

Vancouver born star of the hit TV show Lost, Evangeline Lilly, shows a lot of independence in her autograph, George reveals to us. She can be very headstrong and will always think things through carefully. This may have been the case when she left her hockey player husband for Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan. She’s not flighty as she sometimes appears on the show and she’s very careful about what she tells people.

Ellie is confident to add that Lilly will work out the math before making a decision and that can be true for everything from her personal life to her future career in Hollywood.

Source: toronto special

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